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We are Tellary

The go-to voice over agency for advertising, e-learning and narration projects. We’re experts in localising voice overs and giving your brand global voice appeal.

We're in the voice matchmaking, experience-engineering, attention-getting, story-spreading, education-circulating & creative collaboration business.

The right voice can inspire us to march to our own beat. To feel empathy for a stranger. To trust someone’s knowledge and expertise. To smile, laugh, or experience that tug of nostalgia. To reconnect with the person we are—and the person we want to become. To desire a new car, or even a new way of life.

Because words alone aren't powerful. It's the feelings we put behind them that settle in our hearts and convince our minds to listen.

At Tellary, this is a truth we live and work by. And why when our clients drop a script in our inbox, they know we’ll deliver their recording with the authority, warmth or character required to create a clear and compelling message that’s ready to share with their audience.

It's not just what you say, but how you say it.